RIAA Sues Streaming Music Website

The RIAA and British Recorded Music Industry along with other big industry lobbyists are suing a popular website because of copyright infringement. Youtube-mp3.org is allegedly in violation for allowing stream-ripping for many people that visit their site. To stream-rip on Youtube-mp3.org, you simply input a Youtube music video URL and it converts to mp3 format for easy listening. The music industry has been struggling for many years now because of file sharing sites and people pirating their music. The Recording Industry Association of America and the BPI are not happy because of Youtube-mp3’s business tactics.

Youtube-mp3 is making millions off the hard work of artists and songwriters alike. Record labels and artists should be compensated for their work. Copyright laws are set into place to product people’s hard work, and it shouldn’t be taken advantage of. Philip Matesanz, the owner of Youtube-mp3, resides in Germany. Although only being in his mid 20’s he has created a successful website but for the wrong reasons. Youtube-mp3 is one of the largest websites in the world. Philip is making millions of dollars by refusing to abide by copyright laws and could be facing a hefty fine in the six-figure range per infringement. Federal judges are seeking out the proper channels to have the site shut down permanently. No court date has been scheduled, but if action is not taken soon, Philip will have more issues stacked up against him. You can’t steal from others and expect no repercussions to occur. Copyright infringement is a crime that should be taken seriously.

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